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How Much Water Are You Buying With Bottled Shampoo?

How Much Water Are You Buying With Bottled Shampoo

Remember asking for directions? Memorizing phone numbers? How about smoking indoors, dyed toilet paper,  knives on airplanes, or riding in the back of a pick-up truck? Sometimes, the way we’ve always done things doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way. Bottled Shampoo is a good example.   THE HISTORY OF SHAMPOO: Back before 1930, daily hygiene looked […]

3 Relaxation Rituals To Add To Your Routine

3 Relaxation Rituals To Add To Your Routine

Read on to learn 3 of our go-to relaxation rituals using Conscious Coconut sustainable tools to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Step 1 Of Relaxation Rituals – Dry Brushing What Is Dry Brushing? Dry Brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps to renew the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system while encouraging the body […]

Water-Based Fragrances: What’s The Hype?

Water Based Fragrances What’s The Hype

Water-Based Fragrances Clean beauty and skincare has been taking up the biggest chunk of conversation ever since consumers have become more conscious of what they use on their skin and bodies. However, recently, water-based perfumes have started gaining popularity and people have started asking questions. What are water-based perfumes? How do they differ from their […]

Why You Need to Incorporate Natural Oils in Your Self-Care Routine

Why You Need to Incorporate Natural Oils in Your Self Care Routine

You Need to Incorporate Natural Oil There is something just so soothing and harmonious about using natural oils in your everyday self-care routines whether it was in your skincare routine or hair care routine. Nature provides everything we need to have a healthy skin and over the last few years, skinimalism has become popular. Multi-purpose […]

Expiry Date – Yes they’re important!

Expiry Date – Yes they’re important!

Expiry date – who hasn’t fallen trap to this key aspect that most brands write in the smallest text possible, in a remote corner of the packaging. Most cosmetics that we use have an expiry date and after that date, it is recommended not to use them anymore even if sometimes you find that they […]

What’s the hype about VITAMIN C?

What’s the hype about VITAMIN C

VITAMIN C BENEFITS Over the last few years, Vitamin C has become a really popular ingredient in most people’s skincare routine. So, what is it? Is it worth the hype? And finally what are its benefits? It occurs naturally in several fruits and vegetables. It has many amazing benefits and specifically for skincare, it is […]

Skin Type Guide

Skin Type Guide

Hello skincare and clean beauty lovers! “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time” – Linden Tyler Welcome to the World of BB. In this blog, we will experience and talk about the different skin type guide . Stay assured you have come to the right place. We’ll […]

Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths

Some beauty myths are passed down through generations or word of mouth. So what are some of these myths and what are the truths behind them! 🍃Here are 4 of our favorite beauty myths and the truth behind them🍃     Myth 1: “Some skin care ingredients are more effective at night, because it’s during […]

The Circular Economy: How Can The Beauty Industry Get Involved?

The Circular Economy How Can The Beauty Industry Get Involved

Before we dive into what the beauty industry can do, let us discuss what circular economy truly stands for? What is a circular economy? “A comprehensive framework that focuses on sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, by adopting sustainable methods and techniques of consumption and production whilst prioritizing waste reduction across the board.” […]

Skincare Routines According To Your Age: What Should I Be Using?

Skincare Routines According To Your Age What Should I Be Using

Skincare; we crave it, we love it, we buy it. As fellow clean skincare enthusiasts, we relate to the urge to get more and more skincare every month. Trust us, once you realize the importance of a Skincare Routines, it’s hard to go back. That being said, although it is all harmless (clean) obsession, it […]