Water-Based Fragrances: What’s The Hype?

Water Based Fragrances What’s The Hype
Water-Based Fragrances Clean beauty and skincare has been taking up the biggest chunk of conversation ever since consumers have become more conscious of what they use on their skin and bodies. However, recently, water-based perfumes have started gaining popularity and people have started asking questions. What are water-based perfumes? How do they differ from their traditional counterparts? And what makes them special? Water-based perfumes despite the term recently gaining popularity has actually been around since ancient Babylon. Can you believe it?! Our recent times have seen people going back to the initial roots of how perfumes have come to be formulated and decreasing their usage of traditional alcohol-based perfumes that has existed over the last few years. There are many reasons why people have started opting more for water-based perfumes and not just for their popularity back in the day. Water-based perfumes are more natural and formulated using essential oils and botanical ingredients. So, what is the upside of having natural perfumes that are alcohol-free?
  1. It is not overpowering, smells heavenly and lasts longer: It doesn’t have that strong overpowering smell that suffocates you when you apply it especially if you prefer applying a generous amount of perfume. It smells smooth and silky and just gives a sense of a scent aura around you. Even better, water-based perfumes are known to last longer than alcohol-based perfumes because they evaporate at a slower rate.
  2. It is easier on the skin: Water-based perfumes are nicer and easier on the skin especially sensitive skin as they do not irritate or dry up the skin when applied regularly. Alcohol over time can cause severe reaction in sensitive skin which is easily avoided in water-based & alcohol-free scents.
  3. Water-based perfumes can be multipurpose: Water-based perfumes can be used as traditional perfumes but also as room sprays, hair sprays and body sprays.
  4. Water-based perfumes are Halal: Being alcohol-free is not the only criteria that needs to be met for a product to be Halal but water-based perfumes majority of the time easily fall under all the requirements needed to be Halal certified such as being cruelty-free and free of any animal byproducts. This is essential to many people around the world.
  5. Shifting to ethically sourced ingredients: Water-based perfume manufactures have been making the effort to focus on ethically sourced and earthy subtle scents in an effort to supply consumer demand for sustainability and beautiful subtle scents.
With water-based perfumes being so different and having multiple benefits over alcohol-based perfumes, it is no wonder that they have been gaining popularity.    

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