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Water-Based Fragrances: What’s The Hype?

water-based perfumes alcohol free

Clean beauty and skincare has been taking up the biggest chunk of conversation ever since consumers have become more conscious of what they use on their skin and bodies. However, recently, water-based perfumes have started gaining popularity and people have started asking questions. What are water-based perfumes? How do they differ from their traditional counterparts? […]

Why You Need to Incorporate Natural Oils in Your Self-Care Routine

natural oils multi-purpose

There is something just so soothing and harmonious about using natural oils in your everyday self-care routines whether it was in your skincare routine or hair care routine. Nature provides everything we need to have a healthy skin and over the last few years, skinimalism has become popular. Multi-purpose products that are efficient are what […]

What’s the hype about VITAMIN C?

Vitamin C serum mad hippie

VITAMIN C BENEFITS Over the last few years, Vitamin C has become a really popular ingredient in most people’s skincare routine. So, what is it? Is it worth the hype? And finally what are its benefits? It occurs naturally in several fruits and vegetables. It has many amazing benefits and specifically for skincare, it is […]

How Clean Beauty Can Help Improve Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Symptoms (PCOS)


Being diagnosed with PCOS at 19, I didn’t know what it was. Little by little you read, you ask and you learn. During my journey, what surprised me though was the lack of research and that even with all the advancements in the world, PCOS was still a mystery.  So, I started my own journey […]

Why Double Cleansing is the Key to Clearer Skin

double cleanse

Living in such a fast-paced environment can sometimes propel us to prioritize convenience over anything and although that mindset is not bad, it can sometimes lead us to justify half-hearted skincare and self-care routines. The idea of a double cleanse is simple: instead of stripping your skin with makeup wipes or a cotton bud soaked […]

Scalp Care 101: Why you need to swap to Sulfate-free hair products

scalp care

We are all aware of how important skincare is; the media talks about it, our favourite celebrities endorse it, and our dermatologists recommend it. But is the same done for scalp care? And why should a healthy scalp be celebrated as much as healthy skin? Why should it matter? Hair-loss; an entirely possible end to […]

Decoding Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid

girl applying exfoliating acids

Acids in our skincare? Don’t be alarmed! Although the word ‘acid’ has always had a harsh connotation, there are actually a few good exfoliating acids that work wonders when included in our skincare routine. If you’re an avid lover of beauty and skincare, you would have come across two ingredients – hyaluronic and salicylic acid. […]

Four ways to use organic coconut oil

Coconut - coconut oil - skincare

Who knew that a simple ingredient like coconut oil could be loaded with benefits! Coconut oil has been used for generations and is perfect for any season. Here in the Middle East, we live and breathe the air-conditioning air  throughout the year and as comfortable and cozy as that may be, our beloved AC does […]

Your ultimate guide to reading self-care product labels

reading labels - skincare - orange serum - orange bottle

Have you ever found yourself grabbing a self-care product off the shelf with a confused glance when reading words like ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘noncomedogenic’, or even ‘clinically proven’? The good thing is, you’re probably not the only one, but the downside is that there are no strict restrictions on putting up these various claims on product packaging. […]

Introducing Beauty Binge x Blissoma

blissoma - skincare - clean beauty

Here at Beauty Binge, we support different holistic approaches that fit into our COV lifestyle, and Blissoma advocates a lovely message that we are excited to share with our fellow conscious bingers. At Blissoma, there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to fragrant flowers and fresh botanics. Deep rooted on nutritious […]

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