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Sustainable Habits for Your Kids and The Environment

sustainable habits

Over the last few years, we have seen a whirlwind of changes in the realm of sustainability. Now, with the younger generations, mainly millennials, being at the forefront of this change and many becoming parents, they are engraving in the young ones the need and love of all things sustainable and earth friendly.  So, what […]

16 Creative Recycling Ideas For Your Bamboo Toothbrushes


At Beauty Binge we often talk about how to recycle, so we thought we would share this great article from one of our brands, Brush With Bamboo! 1. Clean Your Shoes You can use a bamboo toothbrush to clean the scuff marks off shoes and the floor. But you can also use it to thoroughly […]

6 Inspiring & Planet Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

planet friendly

From our brand ” The Humble Co” It’s almost the start of a new year and needless to say we’re all looking forward to leaving 2021 behind. We’re all hoping for a better tomorrow, but what about a better whole new year? To make that happen, it’s our responsibility as individuals to make the changes […]

Rise of the Conscious Consumer


Hear Hear to the rise of the conscious consumer! We’ve all heard the word sustainability a lot over the last year, especially since the pandemic. We are sure that some of you have even heard the words eco-friendly and climate change. So, if you’ve been thinking what do they really mean and what can be […]

The Circular Economy: How Can The Beauty Industry Get Involved?


Before we dive into what the beauty industry can do, let us discuss what circular economy truly stands for? What is a circular economy? “A comprehensive framework that focuses on sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, by adopting sustainable methods and techniques of consumption and production whilst prioritizing waste reduction across the board.” […]

5 Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

5 Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

beautUs women, we want it all! Here is a list of few beauty essentials that we cannot leave our homes without. We need it with us everywhere: a party, a meeting, at mall, at the restaurant and most importantly on the go. Being presentable is our #glam and here at BB we would like to […]

The Environmental and Community Benefits of BB brands

environmental benefits

There might be some questions that many may have with regards to how Beauty Binge chose the brands that it partnered up with. Why these brands? What sets them apart from other clean brands? And do they go beyond just being ‘clean’ self-care brands? Today, we are going to be explaining and laying down the […]

Happy Global Recycling Day: Tips and Facts about Beauty Recycling

Global Recycling Day

It’s true that recycling in this part of the world recycling can be a tedious task and involves daily planning and coordination. But if we together can take even the basic steps, it can get us one step closer to being a sustainable country. Even taking simple steps at home; like segregating the trash, buying […]

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