Rise of the Conscious Consumer

Rise of the Conscious Consumer
<h2>Rise of the Conscious</h2>

Hear Hear to the Rise of the Conscious  consumer!
We've all heard the word sustainability a lot over the last year, especially since the pandemic. Rise of the Conscious We are sure that some of you have even heard the words eco-friendly and climate change. So, if you've been thinking what do they really mean and what can be your contribution, you've come to the right place, keep reading!

Simply put - sustainability means behaviors and practices that are focused on getting our current needs but also keeping the planet healthy for future generations to live in by not overusing natural resources, social and economic resources.

With sustainability comes also the discussion on climate change and how each entity can adopt new behaviors to help the environment. Here's a little cheat sheet from us, simplifying how anyone can do their bit in contribution to a more conscious community.

What can you do?

Think of it this way, what are the things you use daily? Plastic bags - Plastic bottles - Plastic straws - Toothpaste tubes - Non-recyclable product packaging - Gift wraps Now, find their sustainable and eco-friendly replacement - it's literally that simple. Instead of using plastic bags, there are several reusable bag options that you can stash your groceries in. Quick tip, always keep a cloth/jute bag in your car for those last-minute errands and shopping trips where you can entirely avoid plastic bags! Another super easy swap is using refillable bottles, they keep the water to the temperature you like and also helps you get in those extra steps for each time you walk to refill your bottle *double score*! Heard of bamboo straws? They are washable and don't leave a papery aftertaste nor do they contribute to deforestation. As for product packaging, purpose-driven brands adopt fully biodegradable packaging such as HiBar, their shampoo bars are plastic free and their packaging is entirely zero-waste! Lastly, with everything going digital and tree free paper becoming more widespread, saving the trees and our planet has become much more attainable. Small changes in the long run do add up and each one of us can create a positive ripple effect. With alternatives popping up everyday and businesses making it their responsibility to provide sustainable options, it is now more than ever easier to make the switch. We know behaviors and habits take time to change and that is why we are here! As a clean and conscious brand, our goal remains to empower all those who are looking to make the switch. Got any questions? Reach out!  

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