5 Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

5 Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection
5 Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection, beauty women, we want it all! Here is a list of few beauty essentials that we cannot leave our homes without. We need it with us everywhere: a party, a meeting, at mall, at the restaurant and most importantly on the go. Being presentable is our #glam and here at BB we would like to tell you about the clean essentials that we always have in our collection.


A base to our makeup and the most important item is the foundation. We are currently obsessed with The Organic Skin Co’s Fresh Canvas as it’s a smooth light foundation that doesn’t feel heavy on the face and leaves the make up patch free.


A girls best friend right? Cover up those acnes, dark circles and spots with Hynt’s duet perfecting concealers. Available in all shades and provides color correction with full coverage to visibly mask all those discolorations. A cute kit perfect to carry on the go.


Just a sweep to start the day right. How many of us have been asked if we haven’t slept all night, but we just didn’t use our eyeliner that morning. Chella’s vegan eyeliner creates a clean line with a simple sweep. A long wearing formula that can last you all day.


As Coco Chanel rightly said “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” Our absolute favorite; Le Papier Matte Lipstick gives you the perfect matte finish and keeps your lips moisturized and nourished all day long. The packaging consists exclusively of recyclable paper that allows you to use the entire product. #zerowaste all the way!

Mutli stick

Our current obsession is Salty Girl’s Multi Stick which glides on smoothly as a blush, highlighter and lip stain. This one is for all those who look for a minimalistic look in a quick way. A cute handy stick that will fit in any of your bags making it an essential you cannot live without. We hope that this guide has helped you collect your beauty essentials. Do let us know what are your favorite essentials in the comments and lets get talking!

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