Sustainable Habits for Your Kids and The Environment

Sustainable Habits for Your Kids and The Environment
Over the last few years, we have seen a whirlwind of changes in the realm of sustainability. Now, with the younger generations, mainly millennials, being at the forefront of this change and many becoming parents, they are engraving in the young ones the need and love of all things sustainable and earth friendly.  So, what are the core sustainable habits that parents can teach their kids in order to have a healthy and robust environment around us.
  • Encouraging their kids to explore nature and develop a deeper sense of love for the outdoors.
While we do know that all kids love running and playing outside whether it is at a park or the beach, but with this fun, should also come the understanding to protect and love our natural surroundings. Explaining to them for example why they should not litter and throw their candy wrappers anywhere, teaching them where to throw the recyclable waste and to pick up litter and dispose it appropriately for the sake of our home. By reminding them that this beautiful planet can remain wonderful for us to explore, if we take care of it.
  • Get your kids involved in community clean ups
Getting involved in community activities not only creates early environmental consciousness but also develops the child’s communication and relationship building skills. From an environmental perspective, it teaches them early on how to properly recycle. It fosters relationships built on the same values that can later on be used to come together for the greater good through buying habits that impact whole industries or through kickstarting initiatives aimed at tackling climate change and sustainable practices.
  • Start recycling habits at home
Children love to mimic their parent’s behavior and to be given responsibilities at home. Show them how and what to recycle and let them follow your lead. Don’t forget to explain so they understand the importance of what they are doing.
  • Incorporate sustainable tools instead of plastic tools at home
By creating a sustainable home with replacing when possible plastic tools with bamboo tools or other eco-friendly alternatives, your kids will grow up looking for these products instead of your average plastic utensils. Some easy and affordable swaps that you can teach them early on are swapping your toothbrush for a bamboo or biodegradable one, swapping your plastic toothpaste with toothpaste tablets, swapping your plastic or paper straws with reusable bamboo or metal straws, getting rid of plastic bottles and replacing them with reusable ones, to name a few. At Beauty Binge we are continuously looking to help make sustainable swaps, easy, simple, and accessible for everyone. If you have any questions please reach out and we’d love to answer them!

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