20 Journaling Prompts for Self-Care

20 Journaling Prompts for Self Care
We always encourage self-care and believe that it is as important as skincare, hair care and body care. Here is a blog from one of our brands, Chella, on self-care prompts to get going! Let’s be real, Bellas! Life is challenging, stressful, and can feel very hectic at times. We know you probably have a lot going on right now – but are you finding ways to manage all of the chaos? You probably hear about journaling and its benefits all the time online and on social media. But, do you incorporate it into your life? If not, we encourage you to try it! Putting your thoughts down on paper is a big act of self-care and adding it into your daily routine can be magic. Your writing is most effective when done for about 20 minutes a day and studies have shown that journaling regularly can help you improve your mood, reduce anxiety, achieve your goals, express your emotions, and improve your sleep! Journaling is the perfect activity for when you’re winding down or just taking some time for yourself to de-stress- and it offers you time to truly get to know yourself by reflecting on your feelings and expressing your thoughts. Your writing is your safe place! You can write about problems you’ve faced, something that’s bothering you, or start your day off by writing some intentions. We’ve included some tips and prompts below to get you started 🙂 Tips To Start Journaling
  1. Get a journal that you love
  2. Be creative! Use colorful pens or your favorite writing utensil
  3. Let go of judgments – Your journal is for YOUR eyes only! No one is there to judge
  4. Set aside some journaling time for yourself
  5. Be consistent – Write for about 10-20 minutes
  6. Your writing does not have to be super serious every time- make it fun
  7. Put on background music that relaxes you
20 Journaling Prompts to Try
  1. What makes you feel the most powerful?
  2. When do you feel the most loved?
  3. What motivates you?
  4. Make a list of good habits that you already have and celebrate them.
  5. Make a list of positive habits that you want to incorporate more of into your life.
  6. How do you feel about the upcoming year? What do you want to experience more of?
  7. What do you love most about your personality?
  8. What do you love most about your body?
  9. Reflect and write on what made you happy this week.
  10. What are you most grateful for at this moment?
  11. How do you deal with anxiety?
  12. What is your favorite thing to do alone?
  13. List the ways that you show your self-love.
  14. When do you feel the most fulfilled?
  15. How do you take the best care of your body? What can you do today to take better care of it?
  16. What makes you unique?
  17. What matters most to you in your life?
  18. What is something that is challenging you right now?
  19. What would you like to be remembered for?
  20. How do you recharge?
  Your writing time can be a liberating and valuable part of your daily routine. It can help you learn new ways to deal with challenges in your life and give you clarity in many ways.  There are sooo many journaling techniques and suggestions out there. We suggest doing whatever feels natural. Remember, there are no rules to journaling! Just do what feels best for you, start writing, and embrace who you are.

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