Skin Type Guide

Skin Type Guide

Hello skincare and clean beauty lovers!

“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time” – Linden Tyler

Welcome to the World of BB. In this blog, we will experience and talk about the different skin type guide . Stay assured you have come to the right place. We’ll help you identify your skin type and navigate your way through to the right products.

  Normal Skin

 What does this mean? Having normal skin means that simply, your skin is not dry nor oily.  Can you recognize yourself in this description? Having this skin type can allow you to be protected from every natural barrier such as UV rays but with the right SPF of course! Does this mean you can switch off the skincare routine? Well, not really but we don’t need to complicate matters, here’s an easy recommendation.

Cleanse using Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Face Wash

Simply moisturize and protect your skin with a multi-purpose product – Josh Rosebrook SPF or our Skin Story Multistick 

Oily skin

What is it really? Oily skin is when our skin creates an large quantity of sebum which is called seborrhea. Your skin has a shine most of the time and you have more visible pores. In addition, your skin is more prone to break out and blackheads. Does the sun worsen matters at times? Well, possibly, but we all have gifts and oily skin has its own.

Our recommended skincare routine

Use the Charcoal Face Wash from Mamaearth for oil & acne control

 Moisturize using our The Lab Room Arabia Hyaluronic Acid 

Protect your skin using one of our favorite sustainable SPF from Sunkiss 

Dry skin

What about some of you who have dry skin? When you have dry skin you have to be careful of the products you put on your face.

Having dry skin really needs constant maintenance. On the contrary to combination and oily skin, dry skin is when there is a lack of sebum. Your skin feels tight and rough and looks chapped and dehydrated.

Our recommended skincare routine

Cleanse using a hydrating cleanser like the cream cleanser from Mad Hippie

Moisturize with our Conscious Coconut organic coconut oil

Simply moisturize and protect your skin by using a multipurpose product like our Josh Rosebrook SPF

Combination skin

Last but not least, it can be possible because you may have a mix between oily skin and dry skin. What does it mean? It means that you can have these two types simultaneously and we call it “combination skin”. From your T zone part, your forehead, or nose you will notice that they are oily and your cheeks are usually dry or normal.

Our recommended skincare routine

Use our cream cleanser from Mad Hippie

Moisturize using Saanté’s Face Elixir

Protect your skin using one of our favorite sustainable SPF from Sunkiss 

These are some of our simplified daily skincare routines based on the different skin types. You can always add different ingredients and products based on individual need and likes. We are here to help support you find your optimal routines, and we are one message away!

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