Expiry Date – Yes they’re important!

Expiry Date – Yes they’re important!
Expiry date – who hasn’t fallen trap to this key aspect that most brands write in the smallest text possible, in a remote corner of the packaging.

Most cosmetics that we use have an expiry date and after that date, it is recommended not to use them anymore even if sometimes you find that they still smell and look perfectly fine. We’ve all been guilty of using cosmetics past their expiry date because we want them to last as much as possible. So here are some quick and easy tips and tricks to help you store your favorite beauty products, better.

So how do we know when to stop?

The first thing for are the details on the packaging, it specifies the life of the product after opening and the expiry date based on the manufacturing date.

  • Life of the product after opening is usually 6 months – 24 months, written in small beside a logo that represents an open cream jar. More commonly known as the PAO, it is the period during which it is best to use your products, after opening.

  • Expiry date is something we all know but often end up ignoring. If you’re wondering where to find it, well it’s often preceded by the words ‘best before’ or a small hourglass symbol.

How long can you keep a product?

In general, it is considered that the expiry dates of:

  • Liquid eye products (mascaras and eye-liners) – 2 years
  • Liquid products for eyes and skin (foundation, eye shadow, concealer, blush, highlighter, skincare, etc.): from 12 to 18 months
  • Body creams: from nine months to one year
  • Make-up removers: one year
  • Pencils: two years
  • Lipsticks and lip gloss: one to two years
  • Nail Polish: Can be used endlessly or until it dries up

What if you don’t remember when you opened the product?

Sometimes, we can forget when we had opened a product. However, usually after a certain time, products start to change color, smell and consistency. When that happens you know your product has gone bad. Ladies, don’t fight this, just let go..

What to do with expired beauty products?

Think of the environment and either approach your closest recycling center or try and upcycle the packaging (like reuse a jar for storage maybe?). 

For beauty products though, it is important to try and segregate, like removing the lids and pumps and recycling these separately from let’s say the glass container. 

How to keep them as long as possible?

The heat, sun, and humidity will decrease the amount of time that a product is viable for use. Try to protect your products as much as possible. Some ways you can do this is to clean your hands before using anything or in between products to avoid cross contamination. Keep your products in room temperature and dry environment, avoiding direct heat, sunlight, and humidity. The best would be to have a beauty corner in your room far away from moist and humid environments like bathrooms.

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