Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths
Some beauty myths are passed down through generations or word of mouth. So what are some of these myths and what are the truths behind them!

🍃Here are 4 of our favorite beauty myths and the truth behind them🍃

Myth 1: “Some skin care ingredients are more effective at night, because it’s during sleep that the skin regenerates optimally.

Reality: The skin is always in “repair” mode, and researchers have shown that this ability to repair is optimal during periods of activity, during the day, rather than during periods of rest. According to this research, the best time for the skin or body to regenerate is during the day, when you and your body are active. Blood circulation, oxygenation, cell renewal and other vital functions are better stimulated, which contributes to the overall regeneration process.

Myth 2: “The more expensive the product the better”

Reality: The price tag on a product does not predict whether it would be good or bad. When it comes to cosmetics, you can have amazing products across a range of different prices. 

That is why at Beauty Binge, we aim to make clean beauty accessible to all especially since accessibility is subjective.
Myth 3: “A clean beauty product is always natural and safe.” Green washing vs clean beauty

Reality: There is a difference between green washing and what clean ingredients actually is. Many promote natural ingredients to join in on clean beauty trend while exclaiming dislike for ALL chemicals. Here’s the thing, everything is a chemical, water is a chemical. Confusing? We know! Which is why we try to shed light on what ingredients are toxic as opposed to only shedding light on natural and organic ingredients! 

Myth 4: ” Chocolate and fatty foods are a direct cause of acne”

Reality: While this may hold some truth, chocolate and the likes are not a direct cause of acne. An unhealthy and unbalanced diet on the long run with create hormonal imbalances which in turn will cause acne.


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