Why Should You Choose Fair Trade Product?

Why Fair Trade Products

At Beauty Binge, we often talk about the purpose-driven brands whom we support and have partnered with for not just their incredible range of products but also for their efforts for the community. Through Conscious Coconut, we have the opportunity for supporting the women of Fair Trade.

So What Does This Mean?

Choosing Fair Trade products like Conscious Coconut is a choice to support the livelihoods of others – including women. Fair Trade certification is a crucial tool for empowering women across the globe to overcome daily challenges. It currently benefits women in numerous ways, including:

  • Economic Empowerment: Women are paid fairly and directly for their labor, not through an intermediary such as their husband or brother. Fair Trade premiums have also been used to fund micro-loans for women to start their own businesses.
  • Education: Fair Trade promotes equal access to adult education for women and men, and supports initiatives to close the gap between boys’ and girls’ school enrollment and completion levels.
  • Health & Safety: Fair Trade standards promote health and safety for women, including requiring maternity leave on full pay: prohibiting any work that causes a health hazard during pregnancy or while nursing; and prohibiting sexual harassment.

What Does Conscious Coconut’s Fair Trade Certification Mean?

“We are passionate about empowering people to live a balanced and conscious lifestyle. Sourcing global ingredients often guides us to the poorest communities in the world. We are Fair Trade Certified™ through Fair Trade USA. Supporting fair trade practices means that our team ensures our growers and workers are paid appropriately for their time and work. We have close and personal relationships with all of our suppliers and consider ourselves a team.

This ensures their basic necessities are met – including clean water, amenities, and access to education. When these needs are met, positive changes start to occur – access to higher education, healthcare, and equality for women and girls. More importantly, we stand strong against forced labor, child labor, and human rights abuse – which can be seen throughout our world. We also respect the natural environments we source from, and supervise every aspect of production to bring the highest quality coconut oil to our customers and a prosperous future for our partners.” Full article credit – Conscious Coconut.

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