Why skincare should be gender neutral.

Why Skincare Should Be Gender Neutral - World of BB - Beauty Binge

Over the years, skincare routines have been perceived as feminine specific practices. Skincare related products have been predominantly advertised by women and targeted towards them too. However, in the recent years, as the world is attempting to shift towards a more gender neutral lifestyle, self-care is starting to become more universal.

Us, as general users of skin/hair/body care products are becoming more aware of how we want to look and what are the enabling factors to help us achieve those desired goals. At Beauty Binge, we not only encourage both men and women to find the best suited skincare routine for themselves, but we have also curated clean products for your everyday needs. We believe in taking those few extra steps to pamper our skin as it eventually goes a long way. While some might prefer fuss-free products, some others indulge in a range of essentials to treat the skin right – we believe in offering something for everyone. There is no one right approach for all, incorporate what suits your lifestyle best – ultimately, consistency is key.

After all, every skin needs some TLC!

Fun fact – Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products that we apply onto it, so take a minute to re-assess what your skincare cabinet consists of right now. Our advocacy to clean living is as simple as your skincare products should be!

Binge responsibly at www.cleanbeautybinge.com

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