Beauty Binge embraces sustainable packaging and why you should too!

Beauty Binge embraces sustainable packaging and why you should too
In embraces sustainable packaging, less is definitely more. So it came as a huge shock when Zero Waste Week reported that 120 billion units of embraces sustainable packaging are being produced globally each year by the cosmetic industry. In this day and age where call-out culture is imminent, brands today are being motivated into swapping their commercial packaging with sustainable alternatives. At Beauty Binge, we have a holistic approach when it comes to living a conscious lifestyle. This means that we not only take into account the health hazards that products may have on us, but also on what they could potentially do to our Earth in the long-run. This is the main reason why we chose to embrace a minimal aesthetic for our BB boxes; brown craft paper box with recycled brown paper. Enhancing appearance with lavender sticks and fresh flowers, we truly believe that packaging is the first element that creates the right brand image and we can achieve that through being minimalistic yet distinctive. The first step begins with us as brands to reassess sustainable inclusions wherever possible. Along with our cruelty-free, organic, and vegan advocacy, we are glad to be working with a selection of brands that offer eco-friendly packaging that do not compromise aesthetics. Beauty Made Easy – 100% plastic-free A BB favorite cosmetic brand that constantly pushes towards paper packaging with all new product launches. They believe that everyone is ultimately connected to one another, and any small action even can have a large impact.  “We choose the change. We are taking the stand. What about you? What do you choose?” HiBar – Bottle-free showering products For the founder of HiBar, came an idea of a solid shampoo bar with paper packaging that may have seemed odd at first, but after overcoming that initial impression, became a product that made great sense for the environment. “HiBar’s mission is to take on a seemingly intractable problem and help solve it to prove that we can make a change without having to make a compromise.” These are just some examples of our favorite eco-friendly brands. Whether it be about giving back to the community or helping preserve the environment, the right has come to take responsibility and lead in a manner that benefits the larger society in some form or another.
Every step can count, let us as sustainable businesses initiate the right swaps and take lead in these conversations to create the change that we have always aspired for.

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