Why choose clean beauty and skincare in today’s dynamic lifestyle?

Why choose clean beauty and skincare in today's dynamic lifestyle
With a hefty heap of us becoming more conscious of what we put in our bodies; organic eating habits, keto diets, and juice cleanses, we believe the same energy could be shifted towards carefully selecting what we put on our bodies choose Clean beauty and skincare Conscious lifestyle  . Here at Beauty Binge, we prefer to focus on the benefits of non-toxic and sustainable self-care products. We hold high standards in ensuring that any of the products that we promote are cruelty-free, and free from synthetic ingredients. Thus, we advocate the COV lifestyle. A cruelty-free, organic, vegan approach to life as we know. Contrary to what is believed, starting a conscious lifestyle does not require grandiose changes. In fact, even choosing one of these lifestyle paths is a great start towards creating a cleaner, sustainable future for you and your loved ones. Now we have probably heard a few of these ‘clean’ terms floating around, but do we really know what they mean? Let’s find out together!

What does it mean to be cruelty-free?

Animal testing has been a common practice in the personal care industry for quite some time now. However, there has been a growing dislike to the idea of testing new shades of lipstick on our adorable furry friends. It is not a necessity anymore considering the technological advancement the world has gone through. Being cruelty-free means you become a part of a greater community that works together to stop the suffering and killing of animals, whether they are laboratory mice, or domesticated dogs.

Isn’t incorporating organic ingredients in my food diet sufficient?

You may be aware of the benefits of eating an organic diet. A diet free from synthetic pesticides, GMOs, and harmful fertilizers. Adding to that conscious choice, by opting for organic self-care products, you are not only shielding yourself from the potential side effects that we see in commercial products, but you are also actively taking part in the protection of our Earth. How? Organically sourced ingredients do not take advantage of synthetic fertilizers and pesticide, both of which decrease soil quality as well as contribute to pollution.

Vegan? But I already buy cruelty-free products.

If you’re a repeat buyer of cruelty-free products, then you’re already one step closer to protecting our environment. However, if you want to take the clean lifestyle a notch higher, 100% vegan products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, both in the testing process and the production process. Here at Beauty Binge we curate products that fulfill this important criteria, while having your best interests in mind. We have partnered up with brands who support the same vision and together we aim to not only solve the big world issues but to also ensure that we do our best to not create problems ourselves. Be good to your skin! You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life. Get your binge on, only at our website.

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