Reasons Why You Should Be Switching to Organic Dental Care

Reasons Why You Should Be Switching to Organic Dental Care
Forget about anti-aging serums and anti-wrinkle creams, a youthful skin will not outdo an aged smile. Yellowing teeth, bad breath, and dull gums are synonymous with old age and must be prevented now, but we don’t mean using the first toothpaste you see at the grocery store for your dental care! We mean actually taking the time to pick out a dental care line that is natural, safe, and not counter-productive. Switching to ‘clean’ and organic dental care may be the best prevention to this and we’re here to list down the reasons why:

1. Natural ingredients for a brighter smile

A no brainer but natural and organic dental care products contain, well, natural ingredients! No nasty parabens, no phthalates, and especially no foaming agents to trick your brain into thinking you have a minty-er smile! To add to this, natural toothpastes are also kinder to the environment both in the disposal and manufacturing process. Unlike commercial toothpaste, our dental care products are cruelty-free too!

2. Natural doesn’t mean poorer results

Just because organic ingredients are used, doesn’t mean the products don’t work just as hard. Mainstream dental products may have many claims about giving you a significantly whiter smile or a fresher breath but here’s the thing; your teeth are not meant to look completely stark white. In fact, having an off-white smile is more natural because our teeth are comprised of dentin and enamel, and dentin is slightly colored thus making it appear ‘yellow’ when it is not. Natural dental products do exactly what commercial ones would minus the nasties; they will remove plaque, neutralize acid, dissolve stains and freshen your breath.

3. Best suited for our little ones

Other than the obvious cleaner ingredient list than your commercial toothpaste, natural dental products are loved by children because of their palatable taste – less ‘zing’. Also, because their ingredients are so clean, no irritation will occur when accidentally swallowed.

4. Say goodbye to mouth ulcers

Tired of persistent mouth ulcers every now and then? It might be a good idea to switch over to toothpaste that have soothing properties that keep these ulcers at bay. Sensitive gums means that you need an equally gentle dental care product to prevent any sort of bleeding.

5. Good to the Earth

Switching to natural toothpaste isn’t the only thing you should be considering. Dental care products contain a whole lot of bulky plastic; plastic toothbrushes, plastic floss, plastic toothpaste tubes – in short, accompanying a safe dental line with environmental-friendly products is the best of the best choice. At BB, we have a full line of plastic-free dental care products, from bamboo toothbrushes and dental tablets, to coconut floss and copper tongue cleaners. Make your first step to a clean conscious lifestyle at www.cleanbeautybinge.com.

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