Busting Those Sheet Mask Myths!

Busting Those Sheet Mask Myths! Clean Beauty Binge 001
So really, who doesn’t love sheet masks? If you’ve been following us for a while, you would know how much we value self-care, and taking time out of our day to throw on a sheet mask is one of our favorite go-to treatments. Though despite this, we get a lot of questions about why are “clean masks” expensive compared to the commercially available off-the-counter varied other options. So here’s a look into what makes our Karuna sheet masks different and worth your buck!


One of the main aspects of our sheet masks that sets them apart from the commercial rest is their clean ingredients. We’re talking antioxidant-rich ingredients sourced through ethical and sustainable practices. Our Karuna masks are packed with natural potent elements such as activated charcoal, elderberry extracts, red algae, and soybean extracts to name a few. After all, facial masks are not meant to stay onto your skin for as long as your regular skincare products so ensuring the effectiveness of the ingredients is key to see results.


Other than the sheer potency of our masks’ ingredients, we also pride ourselves in recommending masks that are paraben-free, phthalate-free, and mineral oil-free. Unlike commercial masks bought in bulk, there is a certain level of thought put into each and every aspect of our sheet masks; the material used, and how easily the serum is absorbed into the skin. It is not unusual to come across those super reasonable treatment masks that in fact feel more coarse than relaxing on the skin. With consistent and genuine usage you’ll notice that clean masks prove their worth through the benefits seen from botanical, organic and vegan ingredients while also being eco-friendly – good on you and the environment!


Think about it as an investment for your skin; contrary to popular belief, sheet masks are not meant to be used every day. Your skin doesn’t need to be hydrated with such potent ingredients on a regular basis, in fact, it is actually more beneficial to use sheet masks 1-2 times every week or two as long as you’re consistent to see the best results. Remember, sheet masks don’t replace your regular skincare routines! Click here to shop our full range of sheet mask treatments.  

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