Follow Conscious Coconut’s journey on ethical manufacturing

Follow Conscious Coconut's journey on ethical manufacturing
Ever wondered how your favorite organic coconuts journey is manufactured? We are proud to be partnered with Conscious Coconut as it is filled with love all the way from hand picking the coconuts to giving back to the community. Staying true to our belief on transparency and honestly, we equally believe in our brand partners showcasing the same ethos and that’s well reflected in the production process of the organic coconut oil that we stock. 1. Fair trade farms and carefully selected coconuts: Being fair trade certified means that CC make sure all their producers are equally and fairly remunerated. This certification also ensures that they have access to necessities like food, water, education and healthcare. Standing strong against forced labor, child labor and human rights abuse, they ensure to support ethical employment in its truest sense. They hand press small batches of coconut oil without using heat to ensure the highest quality and only select 11-12 months old coconuts with the best source of MCT oil. 2. Coconut oil gets packaged sustainably: As you all know, CC is adored for its beautiful packaging. As exquisite as it looks, it is made with biodegradable laminate aluminum and glass packaging. Thus, protecting the environment from unnecessary plastic toxicity. 3. Orders are packaged locally by adults with determination: This incredible brand not only produces multi-benefit products but has a multi-faceted personality in itself. CC believes in equal employment opportunity and have hired people with determination from Macdonald Training Center in Tampa, FL. All your orders are packaged by these individuals giving them a chance at unparalleled employment. They hold paid positions in retail, warehousing and distribution. 4. Your purchase gives two meals to a child in need: What’s more? Your CC purchase feeds two meals to a child in need through Feeding America. Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the country, consisting of a network of more than 200 food banks. More than 21 million children receive free or reduced-priced meals through the National School Lunch Program during the school year. In conclusion your BB purchase has a far wider positive impact. Enjoy this organic coconut oil, as it not only does good to your skin but also helps you feel good. Conscious coconut stands strong to its ethos and we are proud to have them as a partner, as we together celebrate wholesome, mindful living. Courtesy Conscious Coconut.

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