Coconut Oil Jar

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  • Face and Body Moisturizer
  • Make-Up Remover
  • Hair Treatment
  • Oil Pulling & Oral Care
  • Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment
  • After Sun Care & Light Sun Protection
  • Itch & Rash Relief
  • Baby Eczema & Cradle Cap
  • Diaper Rash & Nipple Cream
  • Digestive Support
  • Heart Health
  • Metabolism Booster

135.00 AED

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Coconut Oil Jar
Coconut Oil Jar

135.00 AED

How to use:
Coconut oil liquefies at 76 degrees and is solid at room temperature. If you find your jar solidified, warm in your hands or run under warm water.

Quality Like No Other: Our Certified Usda Organic Cold-Pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil Is Made In Small Batches In The Philippines And Never Touches Machinery.

Coconut Oil Jar

Conscious Coconut Oil Jar is 8 ounces of pure love for both internal and external wellness AND they’re recyclable! We believe your self-love rituals, from warm cups of coffee to steamy baths, deserve the best. A multi-purpose, organic, and convenient to use product, keeping you in mind! Filled with 100% certified organic, fair trade, cold-pressed coconut oil, which means you won’t find any artificial ingredients, fillers, fragrances, or unnatural preservatives lurking about. Their coconut oil is made in small batches and never touches a piece of machinery. And wouldn’t dream of touching an animal in the process either.

What makes coconut oil so beneficial?

Lauric Acid
Easily absorbed by the body and loaded with health benefits – meet CoCo’s
finest asset! It’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties
help promote total body health – inside and out!

Medium-Chain Triglycerides
MCTs are the healthy fats that make up the oil component of a coconut. MCTs
are the most easily digested fat, making them readily available for energy use
and quick absorption.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an ultra-hydrator packed with powerful antioxidant properties that
act as a barrier between your skin and oxidation from the environment.

This Conscious Coconut cold pressed coconut oil has many uses and benefits, below you’ll find a guide.

The Dailies

  •  Make-Up Remover
  •  Face & Body Moisturizer
  •  Lip Balm
  •  Ayurvedic Oil Pulling
  •  Under Eye Cream
  •  Cuticle & Nail Repair
  •  Face Wash


  • Digestive Support
  • Oral Care
  • Heart Health
  • Metabolism Booster
  • Thyroid Function
  • Hormone Control


  • Scar Treatment
  • After Sun Care
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Stretch Mark Prevention
  • Eczema & Psoriasis Soother
  • Overall Anti-Inflammatory
  • Itch Relief

For Mamas

  • Baby Eczema & Acne
  • Cradle Cap
  • Diaper Rashes
  • Baby Massage
  • Nipple Cream
  • Stretch Marks
  • Increased Milk Production

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  1. Menaka

    I use this coconut oil every night! Its super helpful for dry skin!

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