Get Power Brows with these three easy steps

Get Power Brows with these three easy stepswebp
Ah, good Power Brows ; the frames to your eyes and the feature that completely changes your look depending on how it’s done. Although it has been the center of attention following the ‘Eyebrows on fleek’ trend, but do we really know how to get them on fleek? Here at Beauty Binge, we love making it simple for our conscious bingers. Whether it’s skincare or make up, we want to summarize the good bits and give you the best tips & tricks using our clean, guilt-free products. Luckily, we have partnered up with Chella, a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic brand that knows the ins-and-outs of how to perfectly shape your brows. Here are their three simple steps to get those power brows, Step 1 – Fill the brows: Apply the Chella eyebrow cream using hair-like strokes starting from the middle of the brows until the tip and don’t forget to sketch the bottom line of the brows from the arch to the tail. Be sure to gradually build up the product and avoid heavy-handed strokes for a more natural look. Remember, always draw the brows in the direction of your hair growth. Step 2 – Brush it out: Using a spoolie brush, be sure to brush the hair upwards first before brushing it over from left to right in order to achieve seamless edges. This is the step you definitely don’t want to skip as it ensures your brows look as natural as possible. No wants over-drawn eyebrows! >.< Step 3 – Highlight: Highlighting is definitely a step that many people don’t take seriously, and that’s truly a shame because it is what makes your eyebrows stand out the most. Kind of like the cherry on top, all you need to do is apply the highlighter all the way under the brow line and just above the arch. Then take a flat blending brush and smoothen out the harsh lines to give your brows the lift and glow that it needs. Or simply dab and blend with the tips of your fingers.  That’s it! Good brow days – no longer a rare occurrence. Just like any skill, practice makes perfect, so don’t shy away from making mistakes. Get your hands on your favourite eyebrow products only at Beauty Binge. For more tips follow us on IG @cleanbeautybinge

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