Men’s Grooming: Girls can’t have all the fun

Men's Grooming Girls can't have all the fun Clean Beauty Binge
During the launch of our brand, the first thing we aimed to shed light on was that – beauty is gender neutral. Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be focused on women alone. Skincare is an important part of self-care and is equally applicable to men. And we at BB are proud to voice out that all of our skincare products are gender neutral and can be effectively incorporated in men’s skincare. In the past 6 months, we have noticed that these few products have been an absolute favorite and have proven to work well for men:

1) Patricks Shampoo

One of our best-selling shampoos that has worked wonders for many. It helps maximize thickness and density without weighing the hair down. A perfect treatment for those who are facing hair loss or simply unmanageable hair.

2) FW1 Face Wash – Cell Regeneration Foaming Cleanser

If you are facing itchiness or redness all over your face or want a cleanser to exfoliate your skin, try our FW1 face wash. It helps maintain the natural moisture balance in the skin, and also promotes epidermal regeneration.

3) BME lip balm

Everyone gets dry and chapped lips, so a pocket friendly lip balm with a hint of peppermint which is great to grab on-to-go. Don’t ignore your lips as they are just as important as every other part of the body and deserve to be well-nourished and smooth. Avoid those chapped and cracked lips with this easy-to-use vegan lip balm specifically designed for men.

4) M2 Matte Medium Hold

M2 medium hold is THE BEST hair styling product in the market – ask around! An award-winning product that is the perfect all-rounder for almost all hair types. Get that model-like look at home!

5) African black soap bar

The African Black Soap is considered to be one of the healthiest soaps due the simplicity of its ingredients. It is made with 50% pure and organically grown shea butter as well as wild crafted palm oil. Clearly this soap is loaded with only benefits! Its mild scent and wonderful creamy lather will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. The black soap is especially good for dry types and also works really well for anyone suffering from rashes or skin irritation. Finally, for those of you struggling to find a practical gift for your boyfriend/spouse, BB has specially curated gift boxes and gift cards that you could deliver to your loved ones. Now available in #furoshikiwithbb style (check below).

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