Self Care 101: Tips and Tricks

Self Care 101 Tips and Tricks Clean Beauty Binge
This year hasn’t been a walk in the park. Self Care 101: Tips and Tricks has drawn families together, tested bonds, increased our patience, and took a toll on our beliefs. But most importantly, we were blessed with the gift of time. Now as we slowly adjust to the ‘new normal’, it is important to indulge in self-care practices that can help us get back on our feet. The concept of ‘me time’ shouldn’t just be a phase, but instead, it should be something we consciously instill in our lives. Self-care practices help to sharpen your mental and physical well-being while reducing stress and other health related concerns. Here are some of BB’s favourite self-love tips to help brighten your morning and create a sense of motivation and contentment to carry you onto the rest of your day!  

1) Wake up early in the morning

Who doesn’t love to sleep in? Especially during the weekends where you can snuggle and get your cozy in bed! As enticing as that sounds, starting your day early in the morning really helps kick start your day. We recommend chugging a tall glass of water to aid in your digestion.  

2) Write down your aspirations

Start your day right by writing down what you are grateful for and what you would like to achieve by the end of the day. Setting positive aspirations provides better direction and focus in your day. You will be less likely to procrastinate when you know exactly what needs to be achieved that day.  

3) Go for a run

Try to get in some exercise early morning, as it’ll keep you fresh throughout the day and will also help you soak in some sun for your daily dose of vitamin D. Pro tip: fasted cardio or engaging in physical activity before breakfast can aid in weight-loss, if that is your current goal.  

4) Eat wholefoods

To keep your mind and soul happy, you need to first keep yourself healthy. Mindful eating is a practice that could be beneficial to you in the long run.  It will not only keep you fit but also increase immunity! And let’s face it, immunity is golden in the world that we live in today. So the next time you go grocery shopping, ditch the extra chips and chocolate!  

5) Stay organized

One of the tricks that has proven to work when it comes to mindfulness is organization. Get yourself a planner or a calendar and list out all that needs to be done, this way you will avoid missing out on anything and not feel overwhelmed by the end of the day. You can also keep yourself ready for the next day by picking out your outfit, lunch and work files a night before, so that you can wake up to a stress-free morning.   Include these simple tricks in your daily routine and boost your self care routine, not only for a day but for your entire life.

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