The Environmental and Community Benefits of BB brands

The Environmental and Community Benefits of BB brands Clean Beauty Binge 001
There might be some questions that many may have with regards to how The Environmental and Community Benefits of BB brands chose the brands that it partnered up with. Why these brands? What sets them apart from other clean brands? And do they go beyond just being ‘clean’ self-care brands? Today, we are going to be explaining and laying down the facts regarding the environmental and community benefits that each of our brands’ contribute towards. Choosing our partners was not an easy task; there was a lot of research involved in order to ensure that we bring to you the best clean brands in the industry who not only focus on their eco-friendly production and ingredients, but also on the small contributions that they could make to the people in need. Our purpose in doing this is to encourage and educate you, our conscious bingers, to be aware of which brands you choose to support as your single purchase could lead to bigger destruction to our society and the Earth.  

Feeding the hunger and empowering the disabled

To start off, we have one of our favourite multi-purpose brands – Conscious Coconut. A “social enterprise fueled by love,” as described by themselves, this brand is committed to sharing their simple natural remedy as a tool for everyone in society to manifest both inner and outer wellness. They believe that one of the kindest things you can do is give a child a meal; thus their contribution to Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the country that consists of more than 200 food banks. Conscious Coconut is also working hand-in-hand with the MacDonald Training Center, where adults with disabilities are empowered to lead the lives they choose by giving them small responsibilities with sufficient support. In addition to this, CC also supports fair trade practices where they ensure that their growers and workers are paid the amount that they deserve for their hard work.

Making recycling easier

It is strongly recommended by Dentists to swap your toothbrushes every three months. But can you imagine the waste this will create considering commercialized toothbrushes are made with bulky plastic? One of our dental brands – Keeko Oil recognized this problem and created a solution for an even easier way to encourage recycling. They invented their very own Take Back Recycling Program; an initiative that makes it extremely simple to send back your oral care products so that they can be taken care of with their ‘Terracyle’ technology. What an environment-friendly solution! The best thing about this is that any dental tools are welcomes regardless of whether or not they’re Keeko products. However, if you do happen to include one Keeko toothbrush, tube, or floss container in your recycle pile, you will be sent a $10 gift card as a thank you. Isn’t that encouraging?

 A compassionate approach to skincare

Our brand Karuna (‘compassion’ in Sanskrit’) is another excellent example of using their platform and reach as a brand for the better. Not only are their products made from carefully selected natural ingredients, but their whole message stands out in several ways. As their brand name suggests, donating to those in need is an integral part of their culture, and they play an active role in supporting non-profit organizations from around the world.

Some of the organizations they have proudly partnered up with are the Beauty Bus Foundation, which provides beauty products to the terminally ill, Causebox; a hand-curated monthly subscription box that hones products that have a unique story to tell to make the world a better place, and the Thirst Project, an NGO whose goal is to bring safe drinking water to communities around the world.

Pay for a bigger cause

Some of our brands also directly convert a sum of their sales for environmental and community benefits. For instance, 10% of the purchase price of all Violets are Blue products goes towards skincare donations for cancer patients. Similarly, The Organic Skin Co. works with the Eden Reforestation Projects so that there is one tree planted for every purchase you make. Their current mission is to plant a minimum of 100 million trees every year. These are just some of the many environmental and community benefits that our brands bring. Once again, choosing to partner up with these brands was not a no-brainer deal for us. We at BB ensured that through our brands, you are given the unique opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and our people.

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