The ‘Clean’ After-Sun Care that you NEED to be doing right now

The 'Clean' After Sun Care that you NEED to be doing right now
The ‘Clean’ After-Sun Care that you NEED to be doing right now To be basking in the sun’s full glory, that’s become a dream today with all the social distancing protocol. Stepping down to our favorite beach or pool seems like an extensive task now. However, it’s still an activity that helps most of us unwind. With the feeling of the soft breeze on your warm skin, what better Vit-D can we hope for? Though, the after-sun care market seems to be massively saturated with tons of lotions, creams, gels, and bars available without the clarity on real ingredients and their benefits. According to a German paper by K. Diehl, people tend to fall under two extremes; those who completely protect themselves from sun exposure and those who bask under the sun with minimal protection. We’re in no way against sunbathing. In fact, we think it might be the best way to get your day’s worth of Vitamin D plus that energy boost. But living in the sun-loving, melting-pot (pun intended) city of Dubai has definitely shaped our opinion about the heat – thanks to unbearably hot summers and humid nights, so we thought we’d share a couple of tips that can help you protect your skin naturally when you’re out and about.  

Why shouldn’t you be under direct sun for too long?

There’s a common saying in the skincare world – ‘the sun is your skin’s worst enemy.’ Among the five factors that will increase your skin’s maturity, the sun falls in at number one. According to Cleveland Clinic, UVA rays from the sun can penetrate deep into your skin and damage collagen; the protein that keeps your skin smooth and plump. So how can we avoid this? Well, the best protection is prevention. This means using the right SPF whenever you go outdoors AND soothing your skin after a long day out. Many people assume that doing either one is enough, but missing out on one step will make the other one quite redundant. We recommend using a natural and clean after-sun care such as coconut oil – BB’s ‘magic’ potion for wellness.

Why coconut oil?

Coconut oil should be synonymous with suncare. It prevents sun damage to your skin and hair, plus the good saturated fats in the oil help seal in moisture which works to renew skin cells naturally. If you do get sunburnt, follow the proper Dermatological guidelines first before applying coconut oil to soothe your skin and you will instantly feel the difference.

Coconut oil for hair too?

The sun’s damage to your hair is comparable to what it does to your skin. Following prolonged exposure to the sun, your hair’s cuticle (the outside cover to your hair strands) may get damaged. UVA and UVB rays can also disrupt your hair’s production of keratin, a protein that is responsible for making your hair grow longer and stronger. To prevent this, rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hair before going outdoors. This will create a layer of protection against any aggressions like the sun, wind, and even salted water thanks to the hydrophobic property of oil! It doesn’t stop there. After soaking up the sun, be sure to pay attention to your after-sun care as well. All you need to do is coat your hair with coconut oil and let it sit for 2-3 hours before rinsing. We also recommend having it on overnight (use a shower cap to prevent it from going everywhere). Does any type of coconut oil work, you may ask? Yes and no. Store brought coconut oil that is mainly used for cooking purposes does not contain the extra benefits that you could get if you choose to use organic coconut oil. BB’s Conscious Coconut organic coconut oil has four times more antioxidants than your typical store-bought ones, and it is the ultimate multi-purpose product! Want one of your own? Check out our e-store for the cleanest coconut oil you can find, only at www.cleanbeautybinge.com.

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