How To Layer Your Skincare Products Correctly

How To Layer Your Skincare Products Correctly
Okay, real talk, the downside of being a Skincare Products enthusiast like us is the reality of having way too many products in your drawer #guiltyascharged 😉 From toners and serums to sunscreen and essences, we know the struggle of not being able to figure out how to layer your different skincare products. But the questions is – does the order in which you apply your skincare important? The short and sweet answer is yes, and we’re here to give you an easy cheat sheet on the art of layering. The Golden Rule with skincare layering is that you always apply your products from the lightest consistency to the heaviest. Basically, all products that are easily absorbed by your skin (toners, mists, serums) go first and those that take more time to do so (moisturizers, facial oils, SPF) should ideally be your top layer.


Choosing a cleanser that’s right for your skin. Some prefer a more gentle texture and some may be better off with subtle exfoliating ingredients. PRO TIP – stick to a gel cleanser if you have oily/combination skin and opt for cleansing moisturizing balms if you have dry skin. Here are some of our favourites – herbal gel cleanser from Blissoma & Chella Lush Balm. Chella lush balm


Keeping your skin hydrated actually helps improve the penetrative ability of your potent serum and essences. Thus, we always recommend you to tone your skin before any steps. Also, toning is also a great way to balance your skin’s PH after cleansing. We love our hydrating accelerator from Josh Rosebrook that works as a hydrator, toner and as a light moisturizer all in one!


After ensuring that your skin is still damp from the toner, the next step is applying your serum. Serums are usually targetted towards specific skin concerns, so contrary to past beliefs, it’s actually best to apply them before your moisturizers. For a good all-rounder, check out our Blissoma A+ or for skin concerns like scars and blemishes, try our brightening serum from Violets are Blue.


Okay, so this might be a bit of a shocker. Most of us are under the impression that oils are heavier than moisturizers but it’s actually not! Oils are meant to be absorbed by our skin while moisturizers are to sit on top for protection. Our go-to face & body oil is definitely the nourishing oil from Keep Well Kept.


A must to lock in all the moisture and benefits from the rest of your products. Moisturizers might have been the first skincare product you were introduced to and for a reason, too. Without moisturizers to seal your skin’s hydration, the effects of the other steps will decrease significantly. We absolutely love this firming moisturizer from Blissoma.


If we were challenged to use only one product for the rest of our lives, it would definitely be sunscreen. Yup, that’s how much our skin needs it. Think about it this way, any potent ingredient, and added benefits that the rest of your skincare products give you, are pointless if you continuously expose your skin to harsh UV rays. Never, ever end your AM skincare routine without the right clean SPF! From our newest SPF line, the unscented SPF 30 sunscreen by Sunkiss.


The good news is, once you nail down all the steps, you will be one step closer to glowing, gorgeous skin. Of course, there is still so much more that goes into achieving long term results such as healthy eating habits, getting enough sleep, and drinking lots of water. But perfecting the art of layering is definitely a good start. Happy Binging!

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