Gift Box – Hair Care


  • Reduces hair fall
  • Boosts scalp health
  • Stimulates hair growth

380.00 AED

Gift Box – Hair Care (1)
Gift Box – Hair Care

380.00 AED

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This time shower your loved ones with Saante, an award-winning conscious brand, with their magical hair care kit. Three is the magic number with this lineup of hair revitalizing formulas. Begin with the Crowning Glory Hair Oil, which stimulates the scalp to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth. Next, add the Strengthening & Nourishing Hair Oil, blended to help rebuild and repair dry, dull and damaged hair. The final step introduces the Crowning Glory Hair Tonic which works to stop hair fall  The result? A healthy scalp and hair with unbeatable shine and a boost in your hair’s natural beauty.

Product Highlights:

  1. Crowning Glory Hair Oil: Rosemary, clary sage, lavender and juniper in this Crowning Glory Hair Oil by Saante make for a potent combination that can help stimulate the scalp to reduce hair loss and increase hair growth. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that can calm inflammation of the scalp.
  2. Crowning Glory Hair Tonic: Lightweight and non-greasy, this innovative Crowning Glory Hair Tonic from Saante absorbs quickly into the hair and scalp without any residue. This hair tonic helps prevent hair loss, improves microcirculation, soothes inflammation and speeds up hair bulb regeneration for denser hair growth.
  3. Strengthening and Nourishing Hair Oil: This Strengthening and Nourishing Hair Oil by Saante is formulated to rebuild and repair dry, dull and damaged hair. It features the highest quality ingredients, including one of the world’s oldest – sesame oil. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes, resulting in healthy, soft, and strong hair. The result? Unbeatable shine! A nourishing hair oil for all those looking for healthy and hydrated hair.
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