A Run-Down Of Our 2020 Favorites

A Run Down Of Our 2020 Favorites
Hey there bingers, This year has almost come to an end and for us at BB it’s been wonderful. Starting a business during the pandemic seemed impossible but with ethos so strong, we had to take this opportunity and here we are, happy and pleased after our 6 month completion! This year has also taught us so much about the clean self-care essentials movement in our region and the constant drive to experience clean beauty which has been overwhelming. To see the gradual but consistent shift from conventional product usage to conscious consumption has been proof that we’re headed the right way and we couldn’t be more grateful. So here is a run-down of our BB beauty favorites:

Nourishing oil:

Our best-selling facial oil that works to tighten your skin and nourish it. It also helps with brightening dull skin while healing skin irritation. Use a drop or two daily after your shower and let it work its magic. Best part – it works just as great for your body as it does for the face.

HiBAR Shampoo:

This is our team’s favorite. Find a shampoo that works perfectly for your hair and never look back! These shampoo bars are zero waste and can easily last you a couple months (depending on your use, of course). It reduces dandruff, smoothens the hair and adds moisture (erm, lifesaver alert!!). Get that salon look at home with these gorgeous shampoo & conditioner bars.

Rice bran oil:

Central to Japanese skincare, this beauty oil has been traditionally used to cleanse and purify the skin. It’s full of vitamin E and rich in antioxidants which encourages skin renewal and promotes a healthy skin tone. Our bingers are obsessed with this oil and use it for daily facial cleansing and moisturizing.

Dental tabs:

Travel friendly toothpaste? Well, look no further as Naked Company’s dental tabs are the most convenient dental crush that fits into any tiny purse. We love this too because it falls in our zero-waste collection and you require only a pea sized amount to get that clean, minty feeling.

Clay treatment:

A magic little potion that enhances your skincare routine. A pre-mixed mask that helps with exfoliating and adding a glow to your skin. P.S. it helps in reducing all that mascne too! These beauty favorites have worked wonders for us, and we hope they work for you too! Do let us know in the comments below, your favorite BB products and if you haven’t tried one, what are you waiting for?!

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