Controlled Chaos

vegan cruelty free


  • Clean scents
  • Chemical-free
  • Paraben-free

200.00 AED

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Controlled Chaos
Controlled Chaos

200.00 AED

Natural wax and oils

Controlled Chaos

A controlled chaos of clean scents and candles for those looking to indulge after a long chaotic day.

The Narrative

Havoc and turmoil magnify, yet his order lies in the midst of chaos. A hindrance to one’s accustomed life, is euphoric to his.

The Scent Notes

Wood spirit, incense, woody, balsamic.

Beauty Binge is an exclusive gender-neutral and purpose-driven space for clean self-care products for all those looking to make conscious choices. Through our e-commerce platform we bring to the GCC and globally, a range of cruelty-free, organic, vegan brands suitable for women, men, and kids. Our goal remains to build a community and ensure clean products are made accessible for all. Eco-luxury is what our range comprises of, however ensuring there is something for everyone.

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Who is Arcadia?

A blank canvas awaiting expressionism. A clean slate for the unreserved. An abode for the unconventional. Progressive and rooted. Arcadia houses sentimentalists and preachers of nostalgia.

With a collection of dynamic fine fragrances. Arcadia sustains purity. Each fragrance is made cruelty-free, paraben free, chemical free, using the highest quality ingredients.

What are clean scents?

Just like any clean beauty product, clean scents are free from any toxic ingredient. However, it is very important to know and understand that not all chemicals are toxic. In fact, in some cases natural ingredients when not used properly can cause more irritation. Also, if not sourced ethically and sustainably, this can harm the environment more than help it because using this natural resource would cause it to be depleted. Therefore, one must pay very close attention to what is meant my clean and how natural and organic ingredients are sourced.


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