Beautiful Eyebrow Stencils


  • Easy to use
  • Different & natural brow shapes
  • Long lasting

55.00 AED

Beautiful Eyebrow Stencils
Beautiful Eyebrow Stencils

55.00 AED

How to use:
1. Select a stencil for your natural brow shape and line it up with your brow. 2. Apply a brow cream or pencil in the natural direction of hair growth throughout the stencil. 3. Remove the stencil to gently touch up, with your cream or pencil.

To guide you in creating the perfect eyebrow, Chella has developed four templates to help you fashion a beautiful brow that is just right for you. Pick from Alluring, Confident, Sassy or Timeless Chella Stencils. Contains: One Set of 4 Beautiful Eyebrow Stencils.

This is the quick an easy way to shape your eyebrows and fill them in with one of eyebrow pencils!

Who is Chella Beauty?

Chella are a US based clean beauty brand, with a mission to create makeup that embraces your natural beauty without compromising your clean and sustainable values. Their vision is for beauty, wellness, and sustainability to work in the same space, so you can be beautiful inside and out. They want to create a space in the industry for clean products that make you feel confident. Society’s unrealistic beauty standards have taught people that there are only certain ways to be beautiful and  it’s their mission to prove them wrong. They are clean beauty with a purpose!

Beauty Binge is an exclusive gender-neutral and purpose-driven space for clean self-care products for all those looking to make conscious choices. Through our e-commerce platform we bring to the GCC and globally, a range of cruelty-free, organic, vegan brands suitable for women, men, and kids. Our goal remains to build a community and ensure clean products are made accessible for all. Eco-luxury is what our range comprises of, however ensuring there is something for everyone.

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