For the love of masks

Sheet Mask - girl peeling sheet mask

How amazing are sheet masks? Effective and efficient, these are the new ‘at home spa‘. You now see everyone posting a selfie with a sheet mask #sundayselfcare. But is it really just trending or is it truly that good?

Sheet masks are an incredible way to hydrate and infuse serum into your skin in a span of just a few minutes. It immediately brightens the skin and reduces any redness or puffiness, perfect to use before stepping out to a party, event or even just a dinner with the fam.

But what makes it better than a normal face mask, you may wonder? Well, to start with, a sheet mask is efficient in terms of time, application and removal. It takes a total of 20 minutes for your skin to be left feeling hydrated and glowing. It doesn’t involve the messiness of the water dripping down your neck. A sheet mask can be literally be worn on your OOTD without it being ruined and can add an instant glow to your face.

Secondly, let’s face it, a sheet mask in today’s time is extremely hygienic. It’s a single use throw-away sheet that avoid messy hands or multiple dip-ins.

We at BB have specifically chosen to partner with Karuna Skin, the first organic sheet mask company in the USA who aim to provide effective skincare at the comfort of your home + they are a lot more affordable than going to the salon!

Karuna Skin offers different types of masks for all skin concerns. The masks range from age defying, anti-oxidant, exfoliating, hydrating, clarifying, brightening to eye renewal – perfect for any skin concerns.

It took us a pandemic to understand the importance of wellness and patience. So let’s start practicing this by initiating a simple, clean and effective skincare routine.

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