Plant Based Diaper Pants (4-6 kg) (30 Diapers)

 purpose driven clean beauty


  • Plant based and biodegradable
  • Twice the absorption and comfort
  • Has a 12 hour leak protection

59.90 AED

Plant Based Diaper Pants (4 6 kg) (30 Diapers)
Plant Based Diaper Pants (4-6 kg) (30 Diapers)

59.90 AED

How to use:
Make your baby wear them like pants. Run your finger along the waistline to adjust the waistband. Tear away the sides for easy removal & disposal.

Nonwoven PLA (Topsheet) , Paper Pulp (Absorbent Pad), Super Absorbent Polymer (Absorbent Pad), Aloe Vera Powder (Absorbent Pad), Polyethylene (Backsheet), Nonwoven Polypropylene (Backsheet), Polyurethane (Elastic), Hot Melt Adhesive (Construction)

Mamaearth Plant Based Diaper Pants are unbelievably soft, stretchy and made of breathable corn starch material. It is free of latex, lotion, fragrance and chlorine bleaching. Perfect for sweet naps and care-free travels. These plant based diapers absorb 2 times better than any regular diaper and also offer 12 hours of leakage protection to keep your baby comfortable. The plant-based material ensures that it is gentle and biodegradable, making it great for your baby and the environment. It also contains aloe vera that helps hydrates and soothe your baby’s skin. Contains 30 diapers in a pack. Suitable for babies 4-6 kg. Size small.

Who is Mamaearth UAE?

Mamaearth UAE was founded by two parents looking for clean and safe products for their soon to be born baby. Mamaearth aims to build a brand which is every parent’s friend. A friend who understands you, knows your issues and tries hard to resolve them, well most of them. A brand which every parent like you can trust, a brand which intends to make lives of mums & expectant mums better and beautiful.

A brand which welcomes all our babies to a healthy and a safe world. They aspire to take care of every parents & baby’s well-being from head to toe with safe, toxin-free, international standard products which you can choose without having to think twice. They are Asia’s 1st Brand with MADE SAFE™ Certified Products!

Beauty Binge is an exclusive gender-neutral and purpose-driven space for clean self-care products for all those looking to make conscious choices. Through our e-commerce platform we bring to the GCC and globally, a range of cruelty-free, organic, vegan brands suitable for women, men, and kids. Our goal remains to build a community and ensure clean products are made accessible for all. Eco-luxury is what our range comprises of, however ensuring there is something for everyone.


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