Individual Bamboo Dry Brush

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  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Leaves your skin rejuvenated and glowing
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Helps the body get rid of toxins naturally
  • Sustainable; made from bamboo

70.00 AED

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Bamboo Dry Brush
Individual Bamboo Dry Brush

70.00 AED

How to use:
Use before showering to cleanse, detoxify, and moisturize the skin—your body will be feeling smooth and soothed.

All natural bamboo and sisal.

Bamboo dry brush is an essential product for your skincare routine. It’s like a juice cleanse for your body. Conscious Coconut has made the bamboo dry body brush to gently exfoliate dead skin to leave your skin looking radiant, rejuvenated, and glowing.

Dry brushing can help in boosting your lymphatic system. It’s very similar to the vascular system as lymph is a fluid just like blood that exists mostly in vessels that circulate around the body. Another reason you should dry brush is to exfoliate the skin because you will feel smoother and look more radiant in those cold winter months!

Dry Brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps to renew the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system and encourages the body to get to rid of toxins.

It’s like a juice cleanse for your skin – the combination of exfoliating, massaging, and rejuvenating the top layer of your skin with a dry brush will help increase circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, all while sloughing dead skin cells and helping to make your skin look more radiant.

How to use:
Use before showering to cleanse, detoxify, and moisturize the skin—your body will be feeling smooth and soothed.

All natural bamboo and sisal.

How to dry brush

Step 1

We recommend dry brushing in the morning. Before dry brushing, apply Conscious Coconut Oil from head to toe. If you’re at home, your CoCo tube will have you covered. If you’re traveling or on-the-go, one individual packet from your ‘Mindful Mini Pouch’ will do the trick! Using Conscious Coconut Oil not only helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite, but also helps to keep your skin moisturized and radiant. The dry brush and coconut oil for skin care combination includes so many benefits. 

Step 2

Using your Conscious Coconut Dry Brush, start at your feet and brush upward towards the heart. The chest area is where the lymph system drains so be sure to brush gently here and try to avoid other sensitive areas of the skin such as your face and neck.

Step 3

When you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward. Use firm, small upward strokes or work in a circular motion. For the stomach, work in a clockwise pattern to mimic the direction of digestion. Harsh exfoliation is never the point; be sure not to press too hard.

Step 4

Dedicate at least three to five minutes to brushing, adding time as your skin adapts if you’d like. Showering after dry brushing will help to rinse away dead skin cells and impurities, while also allowing your pores to release toxins. After you shower, reapply Conscious Coconut Oil from head to toe to lock in moisture and feed your skin essential vitamins and nutrients. Repeat the process 2-3 times each week and your skin will be glowing in no time!

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4 reviews for Individual Bamboo Dry Brush

  1. Christine Cook

    I was hesitant to try the brush. I was afraid it would be rough but the bristles are really soft. I feel like I was moisturizing my skin. It felt great. I can’t wait to do it more often. My skin felt really smooth and the brush handle is great for reaching all over.

  2. Margaret Jylkka

    These products- dry brush and coconut oil- are simply outstanding. Plus marks for their business model that addresses more than profit.

  3. Theresa

    Fabulous product! I am so glad I found Conscious Coconut!

  4. Marisa

    The best dry brush I have ever used. So soft and natural!

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